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Film Fixer in Vietnam

Why do you need a film Fixer in Vietnam?

first of all, a good film fixer will know how to obtain filming permits easily and faciliate your filming trip in Vietnam. He also helps arranging car and hotel as well as help you do location scouting in Vietnam. As you may know that obtaining filming permit and drone permit is not easy. A local guy can do that job easier and faster than you. And for that reason, you will save a lot of time and just focus on making great scene.

Why do you need to hire someone to do some location scouting in Vietnam?

It’s quite simple because a local guy would knows the country best. you will not only save time but money trying yourself and struggling with more stuffs such as translator, dealing with car, boat arrangment, and more. So for that reason, it’s best to hire a local guy to help with location scouting in Vietnam.

Nhan Le is a travel photographer and he has been traveling the country since 2007, so he know everywhere around Vietnam. You should consider hiring Nhan Le as your guide to help with location scouting in Vietnam. Nhan Le has all the professional equipment including drone to help you scout the areas professionally.

Not only that, Nhan Le is also a professional Drone Pilot in Vietnam who provide Drone Service in Vietnam. If your filming project need some aerial view, contact Nhan Le too.

You can visit : for more information.

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