Rach Gia Tours – bird watching in Rach Gia City

Rach Gia Toursbird watching in Rach Gia City

If you are a nature lover and love watching birds, U Minh Thuong National park may be the right destination for you. Located about 40km away from Rach Gia CityU Minh Thuong National Park is one of Rach Gia top destinations that visitors should consider to visit. The park is home to thousands of birds and animals.

U Minh Thuong forest used to be isolated to the outside world long time ago. But urbanization helps local people access the park easier and more local tourists visit the park nowaday – especially during weekend. It’s also an interesting destinations for wildlife photographer or whoever loves nature and birding. If you are traveling to Rach Gia City and waiting to en route to Phu Quoc island the next day, take your time to visit this park.

I went to U Minh Thuong National park for 3 consecutive days to take photos of these birds. Getting up about 5AM every morning, then went straight forward to the park and it took about 2 hours to get there.
The first day when I got there, I could only shoot for about 5 minutes then rain began to pour down with no sign of abating. When it stopped, the last sun light streaked through the forest. The second day was no difference. Then came the third day which was also my last day in the park. but this time, I decided to shoot whether it rains or not. and not suprisingly, it rained as soon as I got there. I quickly covered my camera with my lowepro clastic bag and began to shoot.
Watching these birds was fun and pleasant. The birds would repeatedly guard (the nest), search (for food), and feed (the chicks) from dawn to dusk every day. The birds, male and female, alternatively flew around to catch insects. When one flew out, the other stayed and guarded the nest on high-alert mode. When it rained, one bird would act as a rain shield, sitting on the nest to block water from getting into the nest and to warm their babies up.
Protecting and feeding the callow birds are their ultimate task, and that required them to put all energy and effort into this task. If you look closely, you can see that the adult birds look ragged and the female even lost feathers around her neck. But I think it doesn’t matter to her and I think she would sacrifice everything to raise and keep her babies safe. It’s mother love.
After this experience, I believe that bird watching can enrich our life and can teach us to appreciate life and our family a little more.

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