Drone Operator in Vietnam – Duck herding

Drone Operator in Vietnam

Nhan Le is a professional drone Operator who provides affordable and reliable drone service in Vietnam 

Drone Operator in Vietnam – Duck herding in Rach Gia City – The Mekong Delta – Vietnam. 

This is an aerial filming project in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam for my clients. As a local fixer and a Drone Operator in Vietnam, I travel with my clients down the Mekong Delta to film about local farmers life. One of the most attracting and interesting activity to film is local duck herding in Rach Gia City. We arrived Rach Gia Airport in the afternoon and I arranged pick up car and then we headed to the outskirts of Rach Gia City. Since I know the local herders here, I told them that we would pay a visit and film his normal daily life. It was a beautiful sunny day. By the time we got there, the farmer was feeding his ducks. As a Drone Operator, I’m so excited to film this acitivity for my clients. 

After here, we spent a few more days traveled along the Mekong River to do some aerial filming and fish farming along the Mekong River. As a professional Drone Operator in Vietnam, I have a chance to visit many places and I really love this region. The local people are very friendly and open to visitors. 

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