DRONE SERVICE Drone Operator in Vietnam – Cao Bang

Drone Service in Vietnam

Nhan Le is a professional Drone Operator who provides Drone Service in Vietnam

Drone Operator in Vietnam – Cao Bang in the afternoon. 

you’re having a filming project in Vietnam and looking for a professional drone operator who provides Drone Service in Vietnam

You want to film or photograph your properties such as hotels, restaurants from above to make an ad or something? 

You need to inspect your network, your plant, and need a drone operator in Vietnam to help inspect it with aerial view from above? 

You want to hire a drone operator in Vietnam for your filming projects in Vietnam and you also requires him to speak English? 

If one of your answer is yes to the above, contact me. I’m a Vietnamese photographer who is also a professional drone operator who provides Drone Service in Vietnam. I have traveled around Vietnam since 2007 and provide Film FixerService for my clients for years, so I can help you with many things. I also help you with filming permits and drone permits in Vietnam if your job requires ones. 

My Drone service is reliable and affordable. If you have any questions, please let me know.