Fixer in Vietnam – Bird santuary in the Mekong Delta

As a Fixer in Vietnam, somtimes I am requested by my clients to film wild life in the Mekong Delta. So most of them love to film birds and santuaries in this region. The Mekong Delta and its vast land is home to thousand of birds. There are some forest and national parks that visitors can visit such as : Tra su Forest, U Minh Thuong National park. 

This time my clients and I traveled to the unknown path and to get closer to the birds. We spent there for 2 days to film and photograph the egrets and herons. Our equipments were quite large with big telephoto lens and camera. We had to use a semi trucks to get around and walked deeper to our shooting location. And as a Fixer in Vietnam, I prepare food, water and everything needed for my customers during the trip. 

I have some shots during that trip and want to share with you. Hope you will like it. 

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If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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