Fixer in Vietnam – Flower blossom

Fixer in Vietnam

Film Fixer in Vietnam – 

Fixer in Vietnam – Capturing Flower blossom in Ha Giang 

Every year, during late December to early Feb, the Northern highlands, especially Ha Giang, plum and peach flowers begin to bloom. It’s usually last around 2-3 weeks depends on weather. 

This year, as a local Fixer in Vietnam, I traveled with my clients to Dong Van to shoot the flower blossom. It was a long trip and we had a chance to explore many small villages scatter around Dong Van. We visit Lo Lo Chai to see and film Lo Lo people life. We visit Miao King houses and tribal markets in Dong Van. It’s one of my favorite locations in Vietnam to film and photograph mountain tribe people. 

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and film the flowers and local people there and looking for a local Fixer to help with, please contact me. As a Film Fixer in Vietnam, my services include: Location scouting in VietnamDrone service in VietnamDrone permit and filming permit in Vietnam, and more. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.