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Fixer in Vietnam

Film Fixer in Vietnam – 

Are you looking for a local fixer in Vietnam who will help you with your photo assignment in Vietnam or filming project in Vietnam? Are you looking for a fixer with deep knowledge about Vietnam who himself has been traveling every corner of the country? 

Or maybe you are looking for a Drone Operator in Vietnam to help with your filming project in Vietnam? Maybe you want to look for a Film Fixer in vietnam who will help you with filming permits in Vietnam. 

If you are, contact me. My service is affordable and professional and I, myself, have been working with many companies and customers around the world. I know what you want, I know where you want to go to look for the subject that you like. I know exactly a person characteristic that you would like. 

Contact me and let me help you with your filming projects. Let me know if you have any questions.