Fixer in Vietnam – Planting in Northwest highlands

Every year when it starts to rain, the rice terraces in the Northern highlands will wait until they get enough water for sowing and plowing. Then the planting season begin in the northern highlands. Unlike the Mekong Delta or other part of the north where local farmers normally plant 2-3 crops a year, in this particular region, local farmers only plant 1 crop a year due to lack of water and extreme weather. 

Planting season in the northern highlands of Vietnam usually starts from April to early May. During this time, it’s photos hunting season for Photographers around Vietnam to come to this region. The rice terraces filled with water giving beautiful reflection. This region still use water buffalos for plowing. As a Film Fixer in Vietnam, I come here every planting and harvesting season with my clients to photograph and film this beautiful region. 

I just came home from a long trip to the northern parts of Vietnam and some parts already planted such as: Lai Chau, Phu Tho. If you are interested in shooting this beautiful season, you can come to Vietnam now and until May. Here are a few photos that I shot during the trip with my clients before. The weather was not very good. We only visited Bat Xat and Y Ty and some villages in the areas. 

Hope you enjoy it. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam –
Film Fixer in Vietnam –

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