Fixer in Vietnam – Tribal market in Ha Giang

Fixer in Vietnam

Fixer in Vietnam – Tribal market in Ha Giang

As a travel and a local Fixer in Vietnam, I often travel and explore tribal markets in the northern parts. Many people may heard a lot about Bac Ha Market and some other markets in Dong Van Such as Sa Phin, Pho Cao,, etc. But you may not know about another small but colorful tribal market in Hoang Su Phi. It’s one of my favorite markets in the northern parts of Vietnam. 

The market is small but very colorful and gathering is early in the morning. If you come here, you will have a chance to see many kind of tribes here, from red dao people, H’mong people, Ha Nhi, Tay, etc. That is what makes this market more diversity and more colorful compare to other markets. 

If you plan to film or photograph local life in Vietnam, nothing better than local markets like this one. And if you are looking for a local Fixer in Vietnam to help with your photo assignment in Vietnam or your filming projects, please let me know. 

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