Professional Fixer in Vietnam

Professional Fixer in Vietnam –

Looking for a Fixer in Vietnam who offers location scouting, filming permits, drone permits, accomodations, car arrangement and more. Contact for more information

Looking for a professional Fixer in Vietnam for your upcoming fiming projects in Vietnam? And you are looking for a Fixer who offers location scouting in Vietnam and talents as well as filming permits?

Filming requires your time and money. The Fixer must deeply understand your subjects and purpuse. If not, you waste your time, money, a lot of time, and a lot more money but you get nothing.

For that reason, you may consider to hire a Professional Fixer in Vietnam, our team, who offers such service.

Nhan Le is a professional travel photographer who has been traveling around Vietnam since 2007 and discovered every corner of the country. He understands what you are looking for and can deliver it.

Wasiting money is not a problem, but waiting your time with the wrong guy will costs you a lot and produce nothing worth.

So if you are looking for a Professional Fixer in Vietnam, contact