Rach Gia Tours : Vietnamese temple and its lotus pond

Rach Gia ToursRach Gia Attraction : Vietnamese temple and its lotus pond

It’s one of the most beautiful destinations that located right in the center of Rach Gia City. It’s a perfect getaway from urban city chaos.

This beautiful temple, located right in Rach Gia Center, nestles behind a narrow alley right behind a mainroad which only accessible by scooters or motorbikes. The temple is relatively new, compared to others in this region, just one decade or so. There is a pond that grows white lotus in the temple backyard, and hundreds of huge carps living in the pond.

The lotus is popular in Vietnamese cruisine. The leaves can be used to wrap food, and the root are used to cook Vietnamese traditional soup or dried with shrimp. But the lotus in this temple is not for sell. Sometimes, the nuns there will go and clean the pond and may cut some flowers for the temple decoration. And the dried seeds will be given to pilgrims.

This may not be a beautiful destination to a regular tourists or someone who doesn’t like buddhism. But to me, it’s a very photogenic destination in Rach Gia City. There are many activities to shoot and if you love flowers, the lotus pond is a great place for you to start shooting macro photography.

Or you can just seat there, watching the fish swimming in the pond while the white flowers dotted densely swinging back and forth could make your mind clearer and feel better.

I’d like to list it as one of Rach Gia City Attractions.

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