Rach Gia Photo Tours

Rach Gia Photographic Tours

 Click play and take a look at this video to see how beautiful Kien Giang Province is. If you are a photographer and looking for Rach Gia Attractions. Join me.


Rach Gia City has a great shooting opportunity. Visitors can  shoot landscape, seascape, wildlife, bird photography, macro, and people daily life where local people making traditional stuffs like clay stove village, Phu My village where local aritisans make basket bags that used gray sedge as a main material and many more interesting destinations in this city.

Our Rach Gia Photo Tours can suit any level. It doesn't matter if you are a beginners who want to learn and master the art of photography or a professional photographer who is looking to take award winning photographs.

There are some beautiful destinations below, each destination will cost $15/pax/Location. For 1 location, the price includes tour service and morning coffee - Not including breakfast or lunch.

  • If you choose 2 locations or more, breakfast and lunch are included.
  • For 3 destinations, It only costs 40$. soft drink, breakfast, lunch are included
  • If you choose 6 locations or more, We offer you a special price for only $60/day which included: soft drink, breakfast, and dinner.

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Duck herding


Visit and shoot local people herding their ducks in a remote area of Rach Gia City.

Bamboo basket village


visit a craft village where local artisans make bamboo basket. It's very photogenic.

Ha Tien fishing village


This option must be combined with 2 more destinations in order to be feasible

Bird - wildlife


Join me to shoot tropical birds. Seagulls are seasonal and only available after lunar new year to mid april.

Fish Drying


It's a nice destination to shoot local people daily working. It's beautitful and unquite.

Clay Village


Visit this beautiful visit where local people make traditional clay stoves. It's very photogenic and nice place to shoot local people life.

boat construction site


Visit and explore wooden boat construction site in Rach Gia City to see how fishing boats are made and shoot this acitivity.

Flowers - Lotus


If you love macro or shooting flowers. those tours are best designed for you. Join us to explore Rach Gia Provincial Park

Fishery Port


This is the most bustling fishery port in the Mekong Delta. Join me to see how local fishermen work everyday. This is a very photogenic destination.

Propeller factory


Visit and shoot local workers making fishing boat propellers in Rach Gia City.

Rach Gia Monastery


Visit and shoot local monks daily life. It's interesting and very photogenic.

Phu My Village


Must be combined with Ha Tien fishing village and clay village. Local artisans making baskets from gray sedge. If you have drones, it will be great.