Tourist Information Center in Rach Gia City

Tourist Information Center in Rach Gia City

Today, I just decided to do something that beneficial for our society that I open my own Tourist information center to help those in need when traveling to Rach Gia City as well as the mekong delta.

I began shooting and began to travel around Vietnam in 2017. After many years traveling around Vietnam and have led too many groups of photographers around the world to explore our country. I want to help travelers who love to travel to Rach Gia City.

I can help you planning your trip in advance or recommend some beautiful destinations in Rach Gia City or other cities that you will be heading.

Traveling is fun and enjoyable but sometimes unexpected accidents happened, such as getting lost, luggage lost, or even worst when you lost your passport and don’t know where or who to call.

So if you are traveling to Rach Gia or anywhere in Vietnam and need someone to help you, someone who can speak English, so you can better communicate with local people or having trouble and need someone to help you, give me a call.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me.

happy traveling.