Vietnam is changing fast.

Last week, when I was on a Mekong Photo Tour with Mr. Mital, who came from the UK and then traveled from Ha Noi down to the Mekong Delta to join me. We had a great conversation during our Mekong Trip. He told me that it was the first time he visited Vietnam and wanted to explore something new and to visit somewhere that not familiar or unknown by other tourists. At first, He search around to find a travel agent in Rach Gia City who would offer such service but without any luck. But after a few attempts, he found me and send me an inquiry. So I suggested him to join my Mekong Photo Tour to explore U Minh Thuong National Park where is still unknown to many tourists and he accepted my offer.

Our photo tour started in Rach Gia City. He was interested in U Minh Thuong National Park. We got there early and he enjoyed watching many kind of birds there. And when we know each other better, he told me the reason why he only interested in a less tourist spot over a popular destination in Vietnam. He said that Vietnam is changing so fast and what he could see now may be gone soon and he may not be able to see them in that pristine stage again. Everything is rapidly changed and urbanization seems to reach everywhere in Vietnam. And I agree with that.

This year when I was on a Vietnam Photo Tour with a group of professional photographers to explore the northern highlands, for the first time, I saw that combine harvesters have been introduced into Cao Bang Province.  I was sad a little bit by the very thoughts that I may not ever able to see the traditional haversting that heavily relies on human strength. But it’s inevitable and it even help the farmers to improve their life and their productivity. But it’s way too fast. Some of the beautiful vista landscapes in Yen Bai have been replaced by big hotels and resorts. More and more roads are being built which lead to the most remote areas that used to be impassable before. But along with urbanization and modernization, some traditions, culture, and landscapes will be perpetually vanished.

If you want to visit Vietnam and to see the real Vietnam, you should better do it now. If you are a photographer and looking to capture the beauty of Vietnam, Join me. I have Vietnam photographic Tours and other package tours that may interested you.


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