Vietnam Photo Tour – What to shoot in Phan Thiet part II

We were on Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers exploring Phan Thiet. After the fishing port shooting net ladies who were mending the nets there. We headed to shoot a traditional work in this city.

Join our Vietnam Photo Tours to explore and shoot this acitivity in Phan thiet

I think it’s very photogenic and every photographer who visit Vietnam should take their time to capture this beautiful activity which has been around for a few decades.

The village hidden in a few alleys, so you must have a local guide who knows the way to lead you there. They begin to work around 2PM and it’s also the most beautiful time to shoot.

The light from the roof creates beautiful scene.

Your Vietnam Photo Tours to Phan Thiet will not be complete without visiting and shoot this acitivity.

The smoke and the light make it very photogenic and interesting.

If this is your first time to Vietnam and want to shoot as many as you want, join our Vietnam Photo Tours. You just enjoy your trips. We will take care of everything – Planning, accomodation, meals, and timing which is most important.

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