Vietnam Photo Tours – Bamboo basket Village – A hidden spot in Rach Gia City

Vietnam Photo Tours – Bamboo basket Village – A hidden spot in Rach Gia City

This village is located just 5km away from Rach Gia City. Local people do their traditional work, making a living by weaving bamboo basket. This village somehow unknown or unheard to many people even though it’s not far from Rach Gia City. To get to this village, visitors need to cross a ferry and from there travel up to a concrete path along a river. Dozens of households doing this as their tradtional work for years. At first, they farmed bamboo in their backyard and self-supplied all the material needed to weave those baskets. But after time, demand oustrips supply, the local people in this village go close by villages to buy fresh bamboo.

The bamboo then will be splited and dried up in direct sunlight. Then comes the weaving. That makes this village special and very genetic for photographers like me. So if you are a photographer or just someone who is looking for something new, something that you haven’t seen before when traveling to Rach Gia City, you should take your time to see this activity. It even better if you are traveling to the mekong delta with kids because I think it’s very educational letting kids watch and learn the local life and how things are made just by hands. witness the hardship make people appreciate life and what they have.

So, if you are looking for an attraction in the mekong delta to visit, add this village to your list. If you are already in Rach Gia City, take your time to visit this beautiful village.

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Hope you will enjoy it.

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