Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Đạ Sar

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Đạ Sar with our customers – A new location in Da Lat. 

That was a Vietnam Photo Tour with our customers exploring the central coast and part of it, exploring Đa Sar, a new wonderful location in Da Lat City. Da Lat City is also known as the city of eternal spring and has many beautiful locations that interested not only local photographers but also foreigners. During December and up to mid May, the city will be covered in fog every morning and sometimes at night. That makes the city look mesmerzing.


The village is about 30 minutes drive from Da Lat Center and it’s about 3km more trekking up through coffe land and to the mountain top in order to have a high ground that has a clean and panoramic view. Our advice is that you should join Vietnam Photo Tours so an experienced guide can lead you there. Or at least, get a local who know the place and routes well enough otherwise, you can easily get lost in the forest of coffe.

During that time, the weather is relatively cold and foggy. Visitors should repair a warm jacket that has waterproof and windproof featured. Have a bottle of water with you during the trek and a tripod is recommended because you will need to shoot long exposure.

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