Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Daklak Province

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Daklak Province – Vietnam central highlands – What to see in Dak Lak and where are the most photogenic in this province. 

Daklak is one of the most beautiful central highland provinces. There are many ethinicities in this region and it offers a wide range of shooting oppoturnity from portrait, daily life of the mountain tribes, to landscape photography. In Buon Me Thuoc City, there are some hidden villages that the Ede people live in there. Visitors can also learn about their culture and what interesting us most is there longhouses.

This was a photographic trip to the central coast of Vietnam and after that we ascended up to An Khe village, where is home of the Bahnar – a mountain tribe that native of this region. After that we explore around the central highlands and back to Buon Me Thuoc to visit some Ede’s villages there. The Ede build and in longhouses and Ede society is matrilineal, so when a girl living in the house marries, the house will be lengthened with a new compartment that will accommodate her new family. Some houses are up to 100 meters long.

Lak Lake is another beautiful destination and is very photogenic. When making itinerary for Vietnam photo Tours for our customers to Vietnam Central Highlands, we always suggest them to visit this Lake. There are many beautiful activities to shoot there, from landscape to the Ede portrait, and sunset when elephants going home.


In Lak Lake, they also provide elephant riding service and sell brocade products that make by the mountain tribe who live around the lake.

NamKa Lake is another beautiful and photogenic destination in this province. The best time to see this Lake should be around December to April because during that time it’s foggy seasons here that make the scenery very interesting.



Not far from the Lake is a H’mong community that hidden from tourists and only local guide can get there. Photographers should visit this beautiful villages.


If you are planning to visit Daklak or other provinces in Vietnam central highlands, don’t skip Daklak. We also have Vietnam central highland photo tours, Vietnam photo tours to explore this beautiful region. If you have any questions about Vietnam, please contact us. We can give you some travel advice about this region.

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