Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Quy Nhon City

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Quy Nhon City – Central Vietnam Attraction. 

Quy Nhon City is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in central Vietnam. It’s Phu Yen neighbor. There are many beautiful destinations that visitors can take their time to visit and explore such as Ky Co island, Ghenh Gang Beach, and Eo Gio is recently well-known to local tourists. But overall this city does not have much attentions. This article will not focus on how and where to visit in this beautiful city.  but to recommend some photogenic destinations for photographers who love to explore Vietnam, or,  like to look for Vietnam Photo Tours exploring central Vietnam.

First place that we recommend you to visit is Xuan Hai fishing village. This is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Vietnam. The local fishermen are still using traditional fishing methods and colorful boats and coracles to get around.

This fishing village is famous for its dried Acetes. It’s consider a delicacy of this region. Good quality and good price. Take your time to explore the village, there are some beautiful and interesting activities such as drying fish and making fishing nets.


Your Vietnam Photo Tours will be deprived some beautiful shots if your guide skip this beautiful visit. It’s on the way from Phu Yen to Quy Nhon and close to Cau River.

Another great location that photographers should visit is local fish market where local people use traditional methods to reserve fish by steaming the fish in salt water. The workers here work pretty early and up to 12AM everyday. They steam fish, squid and small fish before distribute to the markets or transporting to central highlands.


The best time to visit this market should be around 8AM during that time, the workers are most busy and the lights will be beautiful.

Another great spot photographers who are on Vietnam Photo Tours is Eo Gio Beach. There are some beautiful fishing villages down the mountain. Standing up the hill will give you a great view for landscape photography, if you like to capture the moment of life in the fishing village, you should walk down and around it to explore every corner of the village and you will find some beautiful activities of the local people here.


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