Vietnam Photo Tours – Sunrise in Cao Bang

Vietnam Photo Tours – Sunrise in Cao Bang

It was Vietnam Photo Tours with our customers who came from Singapore. The weather was not good when we arrived Ha Noi the first day. The next day was a lot of rain but we went to Cao Bang as planned. It took us almost a day riding under the rain to reach Cao Bang Province. We decided to stay there for one night and went to Trung Khanh district the next day to meet our fellow photographer who got there a day before us. offers Vietnam Photo Tours for photographers to explore the beauty of Vietnam with their Camera.

We got up early the next day to continue our Vietnam Photo Tours exploring Trung Khanh District. It’s an amazing place and we love the landscape. The weather was not good but had stopped raining and the sky was bleak but we got around anyway. There wasn’t much to capture and we called it a day and went back to our hotel.

The third day was amazing. No rain but foggy. The fog enveloped the whole town and the sun looming behind the mountains that created the most beautiful landscape we ever saw.

After that, we spent couple of days more exploring this beautiful village. We also took our customers to visit Ban Gioc waterfall which is the greatest fall of Vietnam.

Our Vietnam Photo Tour began more exciting when we explore Yen Bai and Ha Giang during harvest season which is the most beautiful season to explore this beautiful region.

If you have time restrain and want everything organized, join our Viet Nam Photo Tours to capture all the beauty of this beautiful City.

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