Vietnam Photo Tours – Vietnam Tea Plantation

Vietnam Photo Tours – Exploring Vietnam Tea Plantation in Bao Loc City 

Vietnam has to many beauty landscapes to offer visitors. The dynamic terrainces and weather can be benefited for agriculture and tourism. In Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam southern highlands, Tea and coffe are widely farmed due to its fertilizing soil and the weather that are best for tea and coffe. In this post, we would like to show our customers Bao Loc and Cau Dat Tea Plantation which are beautiful destinations for photographers to explore when we lead Vietnam Photo Tours. offers Vietnam Photo Tours for photographers to explore the beauty of Vietnam with their Camera.

These destinations are amazing for visitors to explore, and as a photographer, you will love this place. Tea harvesters work everyday to pick the tea leaves. The green colors and the patterns of the tea row make the landscape more beautiful.

If you want to visit this region alone, without joining our Vietnam Photo Tours, you can take a sleeping bus at night around 11PM and get to Bao Loc in the morning. Visitors will pass the tea hills along the way. But to make to the most beautiful tea hills, you should rent a motorbike or take a motor taxi to get deeper inside. Workers only work in the early morning and off during weekend.

If you have time restrain and want everything organized, join our Viet Nam Photo Tours to capture all the beauty of this beautiful City.

We have Central Vietnam photo tours to explore those destinations. If you are a photographer and looking for Vietnam photo tours, please contact us.

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