Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Chau Doc City

Vietnam Photo Tours – What to see in Chau Doc City – One of the most beautiful and photogenic in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam. 

Unlike Can Tho, the largest city in the Mekong Delta, Chau Doc City is a small town that surrounded by big and small rivered and one of the most famous manmade Canal – Vinh Te Canal which was dug during Gia Long Era after he unified Vietnam. Chau Doc also shares border with Cambodia and in this small city, there are many ethnic groups that live together, such as: Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian, and Cham people who are a minority in this region that are muslism.

The Cham people still wear their traditional dress, speak their own language and recently their villages attract visitors to explore. Most of the women used to make a living by weaving but recently, selling stuffs and handmade products to tourists become their primary income. These villages are beautiful and great for photographers who love taking portrait and local people daily photos. So when we lead Vietnam Photo Tours around the Mekong Delta, we always include this beautiful city into our itinerary.

Beside that, there are many more beautiful locations that tourists and photographers can explore, such as: Tra Su forest. It’s a great place to take a boat tour watching birds and enjoy local food.


If you are a photographer and on a Vietnam Photo Tours and looking for a serious subject for your photo trip, you may consider to visit Chau Doc water lily pond close to Sam Mountain. That’s very photogenic and interesting activities to shoot. But keep in mind that, the best time to visit must be early in the morning. If you can get there to wait for sunrise.


The pond farmers begin to harvest at around 6:30 to 7AM everyday. And it’s harvestable all year round. So visitors and photographers can visit this beautiful spot anytime.


In dry season from April to May, visitors should visit this particular area to capture oxen going home in the afternoon.

Not far from the fields is an old cambodian pagoda which has giant tree-lined path that leads to the pagoda that everyday the monks will go out getting alms.


Your Vietnam Photo Tours will be more interesting if you are going to visit Chau Doc during harvest seasons. During this time, the rice fields become very colorful due to different planting time. Local people busy harvesting just like in the Northern highlands.


From Sept to Oct will be flooding season in remote areas of this City. But it’s not what you imagine. The flooding season here also now as fishing seasons. Local fishermen will gear up their nets and there are many fishing activities take place along the road that give a great shooting opportunity for photographers.


If you are planning to visit Vietnam or the Mekong Delta, take your time to visit this beautiful city. If you need help with Vietnam Travel information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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