What to photograph in Da Lat

First of all, as a Film Fixer in Vietnam I have traveled around Vietnam for so many years and keep exploring new locations for my clients. And also as a professional Photographer in Vietnam, this article will be based on my perspective as a photographer. If you are someone who loves photography and planning to travel to Da Lat and looking for some beautiful attractions to photograph during your trip, this one is for you. 

Da Lat is a great place for landscape photography. So I would recommend you some locations that you may love to photograph first. 

1/ The greenhouses before sunset. 

Actually you can shoot here at sunrise and around blue hours when the greenhouses light up which creates beautiful scenery. Like the photo below, I captured before sunset. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

And you must stay there until blue hours. There are moments that make this area amazing and beautiful. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

And if you are intrested in shooting local people daily style, you must visit Cau Dat tea plantation. It’s great for landscape photography, but also great to capture the local farmers picking tea leaves during harvest season. The local farmers harvest the tea leaves every morning there. You must look around to find them. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com
Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

Another great place for photography is Tuyen Lam Lake. The lake is very large, you must travel and cross to the lake side and may requires some treking to get to the spot. It’s around 10 minutes crossing the forest, but you should wear proper shoes and the wet environment may cause discomfort. May advice is that you must go there in day time and explore the area first, the next morning be there around 5AM is perfect. 

Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com
Film Fixer in Vietnam – Nhanlephoto.com

What more? Around the city is also beautiful, there are some churches and Da Lat Train station, Da Lat market are also great for street photography. If you love street photography, I suggest you to visit Da Lat market. 

How to get to Da Lat:

Take a Futa Sleeper Bus at night and you will be there in the morning. Book in advance because during weekend may be crowded. 

Where to stay in Da Lat: 

To answer this question, it must be depend on your budget. You can book it on Agoda or Booking. If your budget are tight, you can stay on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. There are cheap hotel as low as $10 per night. 

Getting around Da Lat:

The best way is to rent a motor scooter for around 150 per day. You will have to pay for gasoline.

What if you can not find the spots that I mentioned above? Contact me or follow me on instagram and text me there. I will reply and give you as much information as I can. Please mention that you found me from this website. 

My instagram is: Nhanlephotography 

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